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JAB-30355 shows very high binding affinity to P53 Y220C mutant proteins,and can maximally restore the proper folding and functionality of misfolded P53 Y220C upon binding, trigger apoptosis in vitro.



P53 is the single most frequently altered gene in human cancers, with mutations being present in approximately 50% of all invasive tumors. P53 is a major tumor suppressor involved in regulating multiple cellular processes, such as cell cycle arrest, DNA repair, apoptosis, senescence, etc. P53 Y220C mutation is associated with 100,000 new cancer cases per year and accounts for 1% of solid tumor patients, and is observed in 30+ different tumor types.

Studies shows that, JAB-30355 has shown very high binding affinity to P53 Y220C mutant proteins. Tumor regression was achieved in multiple cancer models covering various tumor types, such as gastric cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer. The synergistic effect was found when combined with chemo or oncogenic protein inhibitors which indicates a widely combo potential of JAB-30355.

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CDE Number: CTR20242352

ClinicalTrials: NCT06386146