Key oncogenic pathways
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In-house R&D

We develop novel drugs based on our in-house Induced Allosteric Molecule Discovery Platform and Translational Medicine Platform.


R&D Focus

Our pipeline revolves around novel molecular targets in validated cancer pathways. We are currently focusing on six major signaling pathways: RAS, RB, MYC, immune checkpoints, tumor metabolism and P53.

  • P53 pathway
  • RAS pathway
  • RB pathway
  • MYC pathway
  • I/O pathway
  • Tumor metabolic pathway

Synergistic combinational strategy

Combination therapies are the next frontier in cancer treatment. We use in-house synergistic combinational strategies to maximize the value of our projects.


Strategic Collaborations with MNC


We have external licensing deals in overseas markets to expand its global market share.
Domestically, Jacobio will evolve to integrate R&D, production, and sales

Strategic Collaborations


Professional and International Team


Over more than 20 years of experience in drug development, our core management team of serial entrepreneurs has developed a deep well of trust and understanding of the industry. In their first venture in 2003, they led the development and commercialization of China’s first targeted anti-cancer drug, icotinib hydrochloride (Conmana®).

With Jacobio, their second venture, they have chosen to look into targets such as SHP2, for which there are no commercialised drugs on the market yet.

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