Our Story

  • 2024
    Published clinical data of glecirasib in patients with pancreatic cancer and other solid tumors at ASCO GI
    Received approval of registrational phase III clinical trial of the combination therapy between glecirasib and JAB-3312
  • 2023
    Presented the results of glecirasib in combination with JAB-3312 at ESMO
    Presented the results of three preclinical studies of KRASmulti inhibitor, CD73-STING iADC and Aurora kinase A inhibitor at AACR
    Entered into a clinical trial collaboration agreement with MSD
    Obtained RMB150 million from Beijing E-town Capital 
  • 2022
    Published clinical data of Glecirasib (JAB-21822) at ASCO 2022
    Entered into a clinical trial collaboration agreement with Merck
    The number of employee worldwide exceeds 300
  • 2021
    Initiated global development of KRAS G12C inhibitor
    Launched R&D centre in Shanghai, China
  • 2020
    Entered into a global, strategic collaboration with AbbVie regarding SHP2 inhibitors
    Completed Hong Kong Stock Exchange IPO with $200 million raised
    The number of employee worldwide exceeds 200
  • 2019
    Initiated clinical development of BET inhibitor in both China and US
    Launched R&D center in Boston, USA
  • 2018
    Initiated the first clinical trial in China and US - SHP2 inhibitor
    Closed series C financing, co-led by Qiming Venture Partner and Hillhouse
  • 2017
    Closed series B financing, led by Lilly Asia Ventures
    Establish a National Post-doctoral Workstation
    The number of employee exceeds 100
  • 2015
    Founded in Beijing, aiming at global innovation
    Closed series A financing

Our Culture: Professionalism · Elegance

We develop novel drugs with a professional attitude and embrace the challenges of diseases with elegance.

The history of anti-cancer drug R&D is relatively recent, with the first cancer patient on a clinical trial enrolling 80 years ago.

The cancer biology has evolved rapidly over the past half century. We aim to seize new opportunities in drug R&D that are created by breakthroughs in basic research and bring more efficient therapeutic options to cancer patients.


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Drug the "undruggable" targets in six key oncogenic pathways

Six key oncogenic pathways
cover about


of cancer types R&D

P53 signal

RB signal

MYC signal

Tumor metabolic pathway

Fundamental innovation and cutting-edge therapies

Small molecule drugs and monoclonal antibodies are widely used in cancer treatments and conventional antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) with toxins as payloads are emerging. A growing body of clinical evidence shows that conjugated drugs such as ADCs can generate significant benefits for patients.  

Targeting six classic oncogenic signaling pathways, Jacobio is developing the next generation of antibody-drug conjugates, including ATDCs (antibody-targeted drug conjugates), ISACs (immune-stimulating antibody conjugates), and AOCs (antibody oligonucleotide conjugates).

We use targeted drugs, immune-stimulators, or oligonucleotides as payloads, rather than using toxins as payloads, to further improve efficacy and safety.