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Jacobio Completes First Patient Dosage of Aurora A Inhibitor JAB-2485 in U.S.

Jan 8, 2023

BEIJING, SHANGHAI and BOSTON, Jan. 8 2023 -- Jacobio Pharma (1167.HK) announced it has completed first patient dosage of it’s in-house R&D drug candidate Aurora A Inhibitor JAB-2485 in a Phase I/IIa clinical trial for advanced solid tumour patients in U.S.


JAB-2485 is a highly selective small molecule Aurora A inhibitor. At present, there is no commercialized Aurora A inhibitor globally. Jacobio's self-developed JAB-2485 is the third Aurora A inhibitor entered [MOU1] into clinical stage in the United States. This clinical trial will be completed independently by the clinical team of Jacobio, marking the further improvement of Jacobio’s global R&D capability.


JAB-2485 has good anti-tumor activity. Preclinical data show that JAB-2485 is highly selective at biochemical and cellular levels. The inhibitory activity of Aurora A is one thousand times higher than that of Aurora B, and has potential to benefit patients with small cell lung cancer and triple-negative breast cancer.


Relevant studies have shown that Aurora A and SHP2 inhibitors may be one of the therapies to solve the drug resistance of KRAS G12C inhibitors, and is also expected to enhance the anti-tumor effect in combination with BET inhibitors. Jacobio has these three self-developed drugs in clinical stage, including SHP2 inhibitors (JAB-3312, JAB-3068), Aurora A inhibitor (JAB-2485), KRAS G12C inhibitors (JAB-21822), and BET inhibitors(JAB-8263), which has potential to provide more combination therapies to patients.


About clinical study of JAB-2485

The clinical study of JAB-2485 (NCT05490472) is an open, phase I/IIa international multicenter study to evaluate the safety, tolerability, PK, and preliminary anti-tumor activity of JAB-2485 in the treatment of advanced solid tumors. This global multicenter study will enroll 102 patients and is expected to be completed in August 2026.

About Jacobio

Jacobio(1167.HK) is committed to providing more products and solutions to people's health. Our mission is to provide compelling innovations for creating a pipeline of life-changing medicines. Our vision is to become a global leader recognized for our impact in drug R&D together with our partners. The company's R&D centers are located in Beijing, Shanghai and MA, with a platform and expertise in developing allosteric inhibitors against protein tyrosine phosphatase, KRAS and transcriptional factors.