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Jacobio Pharma Presented Data of Three Preclinical Studies at the 2023 AACR Annual Meeting

Apr 18, 2023

Beijing, Shanghai, Boston, Apr 18, 2023—Jacobin Pharma (1167.HK) today announced that the company presented the results of three preclinical studies of KRASmulti inhibitor JAB-23425, CD73-STING iADC JAB-X1800, and Aurora kinase A inhibitor JAB-2485 in form of the abstract during the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2023 (the “AACR 2023”) from April 14 to 19, 2023.

Details for the 2023 AACR abstracts are as follows:

Abstract Number: 1660
Abstract Title: Preclinical investigation of orally bioavailable, potent KRASmulti inhibitor JAB-23425
Session : Novel Antitumor Agents 4
Time : April 17, 2023, 9 :00 AM – 12 :30 PM (ET)
KRASmulti inhibitor JAB-23425 targets multiple KRAS mutants in both RAS(ON) and RAS (OFF), with good selectivity over HRAS and NRAS. JAB-23425 has significant inhibitory activity on cancer cells with multiple KRAS mutations (such as G12D, G12V, and G13D) or amplification of wild type KRAS, and has no obvious inhibitory effect on KRAS-independent cells (e.g. cancer cells with BRAF V600E mutation or NRAS mutations, and human normal cells). JAB-23425 shows strong and dose-dependent anti-tumor efficacy on KRAS G12D, G12V and G13D tumor models by oral administration, and animals are well tolerated. Furthermore, JAB-23425 has synergistic effects in combination with cetuximab. JAB-23425 is a leading compound of Jacobio’s KRASmulti inhibitor. Jacobio’s KRASmulti inhibitor is expected to solve the unmet clinical needs of patients with KRAS-mutated tumors.

Abstract Number: 2923
Abstract Title: JAB-X1800: a potent immunostimulatory antibody-drug conjugate (iADC) targeting CD73
Session: Therapeutic Antibodies 2
Time: April 17, 2023, 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM (ET)
JAB-X1800 is the world's first iADC by conjugating Jacobio’s STING agonist to CD73 antibody, which is expected to turn the tumor from “cold” to “hot”.  There is significant internalization of JAB-X1800 on CD73-positive cancer cells. JAB-X1800 shows excellent anti-tumor efficacy in CD73-positive xenograft models with well tolerability. A single dose of JAB-X1800 shows sustained anti-tumor activity in hCD73-MC38 syngeneic model and confers immunologic memory when tumor-free mice were re-challenged, and has synergistic effect with anti-PD-1 mAb. 

Abstract Number: 1645
Abstract Title: JAB-2485: a potent, highly selective small-molecule Aurora kinase A inhibitor that targets cell division
Session : Novel Antitumor Agents 4
Time : April 17, 2023, 9 :00 AM – 12 :30 PM (ET)
JAB-2485 is one of the top two highly selective Aurora A inhibitor with 1500-fold selectivity over Aurora kinase B and Aurora kinase C, with high activity and low bone marrow toxicity as well as favorable PK properties. JAB-2485 shows strong and dose-dependent anti-tumor efficacy in multiple models as monotherapy.  In CDX and PDX models, JAB-2485 shows synergistic anti-tumor activity in combination with chemotherapy drugs. 

About Jacobio

Jacobio Pharma (1167.HK) is committed to developing and providing new and innovative products and solutions to improve people's health. Our pipeline revolves around novel molecular targets on six major signalling pathways: KRAS, immune checkpoints, tumor metabolism, P53, RB and MYC. We aim for our key projects to be among the top three in the world. Our vision is to become a global leader recognized for our impact in drug R&D together with our partners. Jacobio has R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Boston with our Induced Allosteric Drug Discovery Platform (IADDP) and our iADC Platform.