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(Senior) Research Associate

Boston Bachelor with 3+ or Master with 2+
  1. Develop, optimize, and perform biological assays to characterize the mechanism of action of anti-cancer compounds
  2. Characterize biomarkers from cancer cell line and primary tumor tissues to be used in drug discovery and development
  3. Point of contact for laboratory equipment and reagent procurement, organization, and maintenance, to ensure a safe and efficient laboratory environment
Qualifications and experience:
  1. Bachelor with 3+ or Master with 2+ experience in cancer biology and drug discovery
  2. Industrial experience is preferred but not mandated.
  3. Proven ability to work independently and conduct experiments, troubleshoot, interpret, and report data back to teams
  4. Hands-on experience in maintaining mammalian cell cultures, cell manipulation (si/shRNA/CRISPR/pharmacologic treatment), and performing functional cell assays, including proliferation, cytotoxicity, differentiation, and cytokine analyses
  5. Experience with molecular biology and biochemistry assays including DNA/RNA/protein isolation, qPCR, Western blot analyses, ELISA
  6. Highly analytical mind, attention to detail, and organization skills are critical
  7. Collaborative and proactive attitude, with excellent communication skills with internal project teams and external vendors
  8. Authorized to legally work in US
  9. Work on-site in Boston MA
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