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Jacobio Pharma Receives IND Approval for LIF mAb JAB-BX300 in China

Apr 4, 2023

Beijing, Shanghai & Boston, Apr 4, 2023 — Jacobio Pharma (1167.HK) has received IND (Investigational New Drug) approval of its self-developed drug JAB-BX300 (LIF mAb) from the Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE) of China. Jacobio plans to initiate a Phase I/IIa advanced solid tumors clinical trial in the China.

LIF is an important biomarker in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). Studies show that, LIF plays a crucial role in KRAS-driven cancer models and the blockade of LIF by antibodies represents an attractive approach to improving therapeutic outcomes. JAB-BX300 shows significant anti-tumor activity in humanized PBMC mice.

LIF expression is induced specifically by oncogenic KRAS and studies show that LIF is an attractive target for the treatment of KRAS-driven tumors. Jacobio has several programs in KRAS signaling pathway, including SHP2 inhibitors (JAB-3312 & JAB-3068), Glesirasib (KRAS G12C, JAB-21822), KRAS multi inhibitor (JAB-23400), which have potential to combo with LIF mAb. 

Jacobio is committed to developing global first-in-class drugs, and key programs are targeting among the top three worldwide.Currently there is only one program in the Phase II clinical stage in respective drug class globally.

About Jacobio

Jacobio Pharma (1167.HK) is committed to developing and providing new and innovative products and solutions to improve people's health. Our pipeline revolves around novel molecular targets on six major signalling pathways: KRAS, immune checkpoints, tumor metabolism, P53, RB and MYC. We aim for our key projects to be among the top three in the world. Our vision is to become a global leader recognized for our impact in drug R&D together with our partners. Jacobio has R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Boston with our Induced Allosteric Drug Discovery Platform (IADDP) and our iADC Platform.